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We love to teach musicians who have passion about what they do!

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Music education

東京とヨーロッパで展開する、高い レベルのバイオリンレッスンやマス タークラス。

Amadé からインターナショナルな ネットワークを通じて、グローバル な音楽教育に取り組んでいます。

Violin School Amadé offers musical superiority through many years of professional performance and instruction in modern violin techniques combined with personal planning and goal setting for each student.

We believe that this unique combination is extremely important for the future musical careers of young artists on the international stage.

Current Projects

Violin Lessons, Master Classes, Music Festivals & Concerts

International Summer Music Weeks Salzburg 2018

IMWS 2018


Amadé Scholarship for Young Artists

Amadé Scholarship


Violingua Classes for Kids

Violingua for Kids


Partners Projects

4th Annual "Teach Music Week"

March 19 - 25, 2018

Teach Music Week 2018

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Keep Music Alive

is celebrating the 4th Annual "Teach Music Week" (formerly Teach Music America Week) from Monday March 19th to Sunday March 25th. We are asking musicians and music schools everywhere to find one new student they can begin to teach by offering one free 30 minute lesson. We are also asking all interested music students (kids and adults) to seek out a music school or musician participating in "Teach Music Week". We have chosen a week in March to coincide with National "Music in Our Schools Month" (MiOSM) across the country to help focus attention on the importance of including music as part of our children's education.

Meet Violin School Amadé

Our teachers are pleased to announce Amadé's participation in Teach Music Week this year. Amadé school is willing to be a part of this project for two days, Saturday, March 24 and Sunday, March 25.

We are offering 30 minute lessons online (via FaceTime connection) directly from Salzburg for advanced students who have an interest to learn more about Mozart’s violin music (class by Eduard Okoun) or Bach's music for viola (class by Peter Langgartner).

Langgartner / OkounLesson Times

Saturday, 24 and Sunday, 25from 6 pm till 8 pm (Austrian time)

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